Wolf Creek Pass

Up On The Great Divide, this is where we were on Friday the 10th. Of course, we had the C.W. McCall song. Wolf Creek Pass https://genius.com/Cw-mccall-wolf-creek-pass-lyrics the drive was fun but I have issues with it. There were no telephone poles so I could not count them, I think the tunnel moved, and a few other things, you will have to drive to find out. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wolf_Creek_Pass

People who know me know I don’t do heights or curves add them together you get Wolf Creek Pass. I am getting better with those two things on this trip. When you take a look from the top of a mountain you see how expansive the land is, you also see the curves in the road you have to travel. (Just Saying)

Oh BTW there is a feed store in Pagosa Springs.

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