White Water

I bet you thought I did river rafting today. I hate to say sadly no, I did realize that river rafting is a victim of my MS. That bums me out but I did enjoy watching the river rats from the train.

This was on the way back down the gorge while we were stopped under the Royal Gorge Suspension Bridge. I like the look from the train of the bridge. I don’t think I could stand on the bridge and look down.

Starting at the beginning of the trip, we boarded the train and were joined by a couple from Ill celebrating their 28th wedding anniversary.

The car was air conditioned so it was comfortable. Lunch was served as we started up the gorge. As you can see from the picture we followed the Arkansas river for the whole trip.

The picture above shows a redwood water trough that prisoners chiselled out of the rock by hand to provide water to Canon City. https://prisonmuseum.org They didn’t have a shortage of prisoners. If you get to the Royal Gorge Area of Colorado this is well worth the price of admission. https://royalgorgeroute.com

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    1. the sad thing though is the Silverton train is way to pricey considering that part of the train is closed and you have to take a bus to get around the mudslide


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