No Fear Trains

I would have to say arriving in Colorado today it hit me we will be home in ten days. Tomorrow we are going on the Royal Gorge Route Train. It surprising the amount of trains I’ve ridden and gotten close to. No thanks to my brother Dave who when I was a child terrorized me of trains. I wander a bit. The funny thing is he still laughs about it. We were sledding in Waupaca and to get home we had to cross train tracks. So picture this it’s dark and quite the crossing signals could be swung. My brother climbed up and waited until I was dead center in the track and swung the signal. Needless to say the lights went off with the bells and I ran the two blocks home in less then a minute.

Ever since I have an interesting fear of trains. I have enjoyed the trains we’ve rode this trip. Tomorrow should be enjoyable too. I promise pictures.