I Need A Fix

an animal fix. Ok, I know not fair you guys also need an animal picture fix. I have narrowed some down and am working on a whale of a tale. But, in the mean time; I need to see some wildlife.

When we arrived off of the ferry we drove around and kept seeing signs about deer. My thought this is going to be like the Utah signs watch for eagles on road. I’ve been through Utah a few times and have only seen one eagle on road. He flew away before I could get a picture.

Back to this trip, saw no deer the first night so the plan was drive down to Victoria and maybe see if the orcas are still in the harbor. No luck, but, I did see a few gulls, a blue heron, and of course ravens. Planning to go back with long lense today.

Following is what I saw and captured on film yesterday.

This little guy was being chased by some ravens watched him for a few until he ran up a tree. The deer was just walking through a neighborhood.

When we got home I saw the piece de resistance a moth

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