On and Off The Water Again

I did take my dramamine. We are going to spend twelve days on the island, exploring and practicing picture taking. Hopefully I will be able to take some on the ferry. I should have an opportunity to see more orcas, we will be traveling through the San Juan Islands where there are known pods.

I am also looking forward to camping across from my islands ‘Little D’arcy’ and ‘D’arcy’ although ‘D’arcy’ island was used as a leper colony. https://en.m.wikivoyage.org/wiki/D%27Arcy_Island .

We are now off the water, and good news no sea sickness. It was touch and go in the beginning as we headed backwards. Solved that by going to the other end of the boat. I saw no orcas but did see a ship full of crushed cars headed out to sea, and an Evergreen container ship.

We are now settled on the island for twelve days, today we are headed out to explore Victoria.