Still Here

Roy hung out at Cliffside RV Park while I was in Alaska, he had great weather. I return we cook out one night because of the weather. I woke up today to nice weather, I’m hoping my weather magnet of attracting snow or rain has been broken. I say this because even though we mostly missed shooting in the rain it was cold. In my defense the day it rained the hardest I was playing hooky.

Last night we did try ‘The Shrimp Shack’, a very popular local seafood joint. Roy had an oyster burger and I still can’t get enough salmon. I had a salmon burger. We also did a test drive to the ferry to see how long it would take, looking at 45 minutes. The ferry leaves at 8:25am, we have to be in line and ticketed 60 minutes prior. If we build in extra time we should pull out no later then 6am. I know what I’m doing Monday night.

I think the stimulus of being around people plus getting my infusion has eased me back to reality. Yes, today is laundry and trailer cleaning because our journey continues on Tuesday. A ferry ride is in my future I have dramamine so I am good. We are headed to Vancouver Island BC for ten days. Looking forward to putting my camera skills to work.

I think I will make a post of pictures for each day of the trip.

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