There’s A Reason

for rainy days. It’s to get me off my butt to get pictures and blogs caught up. Since yesterday was my much needed infusion and I had a few hours to kill blogs were on the agenda. I got one done then promptly fell asleep.

On a side note I did fairly well on my photo trip, being on the tail end before my infusion. I begged off two times on the main trip and once on the extension. I was a bit shaky towards the end yet I made it.

I am still waiting for the banana on the back bumper of Lancelot. In waiting for it the other night someone had put a small rock painted like a minion. Still no BANANA and I’m glad.

Staying in one spot has also helped get me ready for our adventure on Vancouver Island. Seeing I saw my Orca there will be no boat in my future. We might do some snorkeling but that requires a boat to get out there. So, because of the rain I will post some pictures today.