Seward More Then ORCAS

The orcas were amazing from the boat, but there was so much more I saw. It started when we are pulling out of the harbor we are greeted by a bald eagle sitting on a sign (he was saying ENJOY). We passed by the aquarium, the waterfront campground, and the towns waterfall.

A bit of a back story to the campground, it’s combat camping at it’s finest. You camp òn the beach and it’s first come first serve it’s worth getting a spot. I had a whole differant perspective from the water it still looks like combat camping. We did stay here two years ago and were lucky to get near the water.

The waterfall is actually a flood prevention channel, because Seward would flood. They blasted the rock through a mountain and redirected the flow of water. It was a good thing because the amount of water and trees that came through in the last few days had the water brown. The Corp of Engineers have heavy equipment to dredge the bottom of the channel due to debris that come down. I have pictures.

Out on the open water we saw Steller Sea Lions and Seals, I had my bubble burst when I found out that Sea Lions are the performing Seals in the circus. I will leave you with that disappointment.

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