Wow, I’m With Minnie

and Goofy, Pluto, and Mickey. Sitting on the Spirit of Disneyland II Alaska Airlines headed for my photo trip turning 50 is amazing.

I am amazed at how big SeaTac is this is the one time I’m glad I did not suck it up and walk. I do have to say the TSA lanes were insane but my wheel chair driver buzzed right through.

I called Alaska Air, I asked at check in about my 3rd bag full of meds and am told they are your meds they should be fine. Well my flight attendant said you can only have 2 bags. She let me keep it I will get a note from my doctor for the return trip. I understand her point of view, if we allowed this everyone would say the 3rd bag was medicine. Like everyone’s pet is a service animal.

It’s all good I have a window seat. I know that’s strange for someone who doesn’t like to fly. I do believe looking at the mountains and land seems to calm me.

We seem to be flying up the coast, it’s interesting to wonder how many of those mountians have never seen a human foot print. The food was amazing it was a salmon potato pancake, and yes I did have a little bit of wine. I’m going to enjoy the rest of my flight will post animals soon.

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  1. Love the plane !! Sea-Tac is big, but wait til you see Boeing Field on the way home, just North of Sea-Tac. We pass right by it on the way back to the campground. (You slept going by it on the way down … ) Enjoy your adventure !!

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