The Eagle Has Landed

four of them plus an elk then one more. Tuesday the 12th we were at Camp Murray in Washington a gem of a military campground. We had water front property and an island in front of us. I looked up and saw a beautiful eagle singing in the tree and another one landed right next to it.

The next morning when we are getting ready to leave there are light feet and beaks making news freaked me out. I have to say glad Roy was up.

We then headed to the Port Townsend ferry and along the way saw some elk. These were smart elk as they were at a sign that said Elk Crossing. We arrived at the ferry an hour early and was able to get on that trip. So things came together like clock work.

Pulling into Cliffside RV park we were greated with another bald eagle. I think the animals are starting to warm up. Tonight I will be heading to Anchorage and then Saturday begins my photo adventure.

I hope to post lots of pictures. Maybe Roy can post his adventures on facebook seeing he is single for ten days.

5 thoughts on “The Eagle Has Landed

    1. If it wasn’t ‘singing’ … they were talking to each other. Unlike any other bird I’ve heard. One of the rare times I’ve heard them make any noise at all when sitting in the trees.


  1. Single for 10 days … ?? … I thought it was 10 WEEKS … O M G … I better get my hustle on !! Did find an awesome independent donut shop in Mukilteo, WA with fresh fat pills to die for !! Apple Fritter Baby … monster size !!


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