Just the Beginning of Pictures

As promised a few pictures from Ely NV

The sticker sign on the start of the ET Highway. You almost can’t recognize the sign

The Ely train depot nice changes. The truck was just sitting on a road in Ely

That was my store on Aultman in Ely, this is right down the road from the WORLD FAMOUS HOTEL NEVADA

Then are travels took us in search of buffalo

we found this

These are the ovens


3 thoughts on “Just the Beginning of Pictures

  1. Very cool! I want o go back to Ely to ride the train. The Rangers from Great Basin National Park do a dark sky presentation as part of some train rides. And yep, have stayed at the HotelNevada. Cool decor in the halls.


  2. Great to see you posting. Enjoying traveling virtually with you and Roy!

    I didnt know about the ovens… might need a road trip.

    We saw a number of bison last week at Wind Cave National Park in SD.

    Have fun!

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  3. I’m not surprised by the lack of animals because of the path we are taking. The Ely area is also close to Lehman Caves, could be worth a road trip. You are always welcome to travel along virtually


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