Old Stomping Grounds

On the way up to Ely a couple of times we looked at each other and said I don’t remember this being so desolate, a whole lot of desert. I did take a picture of the ET HWY road sign almost completely covered. We decided to make reservations for two nights at the KOA electricity is good. Unhooked and set up we took a cruise around town. Ely has not changed much since we left in 2006, still one stoplight in downtown. My store Gnome Ely is a Real Estate office, our house is still standing with a few more wrinkles. The house was an assay office so there is lot of history.

Speaking of history Ely and the surrounding area is rich with mining history. We decided to drive out and see a local buffalo ranch that did change not kept up well. Down the road from there are the Ward Charcoal Ovens, follow the link for more info http://parks.nv.gov/parks/ward-charcoal-ovens If you are anywhere near Ely NV it is worth spending a day or two. If trains are your thing check out the Ely Ghost Train http://nnry.com .

Spending our last night in Ely, NV. I enjoyed pizza and a movie with Heather, KC and Alice the little munchkin, it was fun catching up and seeing how much they have both grown. Driving out to McGill I was able to stop and see Angie who also hung out at my store, they have grown. I also got to pet her ‘kid’ Sophie, just stayed long enough to watch them try to set up a pool.

It’s June 7th and we are in Jackpot NV tomorrow we will be in Boise Idaho. I will be posting pictures tonight, no animals other then cows so far. I think they are saving themselves for my Alaska pictures.