So Many Titles For This One

  1.  Fire and Ice
  2.  15 Hour Day
  3.  3 in 1

    When I’m done telling the story let me know what fits.   

    It all started in the morning of August 13th at Prince George.  We pulled in Saturday night and the smoke was heavy and continued to increase, thank goodness for rain.  By morning the rain had knocked down alot of the smoke, you could still smell it though.

    We have been changing plans based on fire and smoke forecast, our first thought was one night in Prince George then one night in Barkerville then one night elsewhere in northern Washington then onto Whidbey Island.  Barkerville seemed like a neat historic town.

    So head out of Prince George get down to Barkerville to smoky didn’t even attempt to drive down to see it.  Another town to add to the list of need to go back to see.  Did I mention it was raining and you could still smell the smoke.  We grabbed lunch and headed on down the road.

    We would have headed to Bella Coola via 20 but that was closed at Williams Lake BC so no go but we knew it. Cache Creek via BC 97 except that was closed at JCT 24 we knew that too.  Driving on hwy 24 we climb a hill and see this white stuff on the ground (it was fresh).  Once we realized what it was we stopped and took a picture.  The highway was curvy and I think would have had good scenery if there was no smoke or snow.  We hit 5 heading into Kamloops.

    We had thought that Kamloops would be a good place to stop.  The town was alot bigger then I expected and where we were going to stop there was no parking.  It was about 6pm so we thought head on.  Gorgeous scenery and rolling hills down near the water on 5a.

     We catch 97c and start heading up a steep hill stopped at a brake check area by Loon Lake.  It’s like 8:30pm so we decide let’s unload dig out propane coffee pot and eat sandwiches for dinner.  Sitting with the lights on with no electric (didn’t want to start ginny) getting chilled.  Roy looks at me and said you want to head to the border.  I say sure it’s only 2 more hours.

    We follow 97c down to where it ends at 97.  Roy wakes me up to make sure he was going the right way.  BTW I had just fallen asleep.  We drive along water for quite sometime, I never realized how many lakes and rivers in BC.  This will also have to be done during daylight.

    About 12:30 we get to the border crossing and the gates are closed except for commercial trucks, so Roy wakes me up again. (BTW I had just fallen back to sleep).  What to do it says on the website open 24 hours, so I called the number explained we were at the crossing.  After a little chuckle he said pull through the commercial lane.  The border agent was chatting with us and glancing in the car for about 5 minutes.  Well we cleared customs and entered Oroville Wa at 1am, this means we are definately on the home stretch.

    The end of our Canada tour got cut short, this is good because now we have stuff to do next time.

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    1. Sorry you didn’t get to see BC a little better. Barkerville is a fun place to visit, but not this year. I believe the campground is housing a lot of the fire evacuees or at least it was offered to them at one point. And Kamloops, where I went to school, is overflowing with folks who are out of their homes, so probably no where to stay there either. The route from there to the border is very scenic, in fact the whole Province is – so come back some time, okay? That sounds like a horrendous long day of driving!! Safe travels!!


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