Thanks Smoke

You know how the best laid plans and agendas can go astray, that was our 5 days at Ksan Campground in Hazelton BC.  The plan was to make this our base camp and explore the First Nations of the Gitxsan Territory.  Totem poles, lava beds, shopping, and hopefully a glimpse of a Kermode bear (Spirit Bear).  this links gives you a description of the bear maybe one day.

We arrived on the 8th and only saw a deer no pictures as he slipped into the trees. It seemed to be getting smoky, still holding on to some hope.  The 9th we were going to head to the lava fields, but we decided to do that on the 10.  If we ever get back here we will do this trip.

Staying around the area we decided to visit the totems in the area, along with a battlefield.  Gitanyow at one time had the most totems in BC.  Well worth the time to drive by these very old carved poles.  The amount of skill and desire along with attention to detail impressive.  

The morning of the 10th woke up to a valley filled with smoke no lava beds for us, so headedto Smithers for shopping.,_British_Columbia Roy was able to go to a meat house to check on sausages.  Once back to the trailer we got the bad news the only way into Bella Coola is closed due to wildfires.  So we are offically winging  it.  

We will be checking the town of Barkerville BC, which is a historical landmark (thanks Karen), then from there we will work our way down to Seattle where we were able to get in 3 days early.  I will post when I get internet or Seattle whatever happens first. 

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