Early Mornings Are Best

for bears of course.  August 7th was our last full day at Hyder so I wanted to be up early to try and avoid combat photographers.  The broadwalk opened at 6am so we arrived at 6am.  I was treated to two grizzlies and one black bear and only 2 other people a bear for each of us.

It is rare for a black bear to be around when grizzlies are in the area but I guess when food is plenty that doesn’t apply.   He did not hang around for long when the grizzly known as Dawg Bear  showed up to join a female.  I think this was because the female was trying to intimadate the Dawg it worked on both bears.

I want to know if me wanting to grab my camera rather then warn a person he should duck is wrong?  We are standing watching an immature golden eagle get irritated by a seagull so he started chasing it down the creek.  We all lost sight of it until it tried to fly overthe boardwalk avoiding a pine tree this guy was standing under. I watched it all happened to fast because in my mind I’m thinking of saying duck but then thinking take a picture before I got the camera ready it was over.  We told him we would have put it on you tube if the eagle got him.  This bird’s talons were very very large.

Spent over an hour here enjoying the peacefulness before the crazies began arriving.  The rest of the daywe explored the back roads of Hyder saw a black bear and a few kittens that were very skiddish.

I enjoyed spending so much time here and having both the weather and animals cooperate.  We travelled to New Hazelton BC the 8th.