I Got IT

my shirt that is. I also got some awesome eagle pictures and a water skiing bear.  Check him out!  it was paw foot at that.  I jump ahead though.  
I know you want to here about Caroline and my shirt.  She’s owns a gift store and basically lets you know exactly how it is.  I would describe her as a mellowing biker mama.  Little rough around the edges but I know we all are. I had never silk screened before but that’s ok I think she just wanted the company.   Up at 6am to get to her place at 7am, it’s only a 2 minute drive up the road.  She had lights on she was ready to get to work, sorta.  Coffee does come before work though.  She winters in Oatman AZ, I told her she goes from one ghost town to another.  I did learn everything I wanted to know about Hyder and its players.  My job was to hang up the shirts once she applied the ink to it so they would dry.  It was fun to help her out made me miss my gift shop in Ely, NV but not the work it took to run it.

Roy picked me up we grabbed something to eat then headed up to Salmon Glacier.  On the way we stopped for these.  always a show off.   

They played around for about ten minutes and at one time there were 6 of them.

So on we went for a 26 mile drive over a bumpy road to see what we couldn’t see last year.  Salmon Glacier is the 5th largest in North America.  Very impressive even from the vantage point across the valley.  The auto tour to get up to the summit includes 14 points of interests on the mining activity that has gone on.  We did miss the break up of the ice dam at the mouth of summit lake so the base lake was empty. http://www.stewartcassiarhighway.com/attractions/salmon-glacier  

Back down to the bear viewing for more combat photos also saw some bears.  When we were leaving there was a mama with 2 cubs crossing the road to head to the river but they changed their mind and headed back across the road.  We decided that Monday we would get up and down there at 6am when they opened.