Last Day on the Kenai

Soon we even turn the page to the last month of our journey.  Yesterday we headed to the post office to mail some post cards, we realized we went in the wrong direction. We try to mail post cards from unique locations this one is going to be Clam Gulch, Alaska.  What’s a person to do but continue down to Homer, because we realized it was the wrong post office at Anchor Point which is only 14 miles from Homer.

On the way to Homer Roy went 4×4 on the beach, Whiskey Gulch.  I experienced my first 18% grade crazy but I think I can handle it on the way to Bella Coola BC.  Speaking of crazy, the occupants on the beach had one to many whiskeys.  This was a place to just visit I would not have camped or stayed too long.  Even Roy caught the vibe.

On to Homer drove by the Visitor’s Center and the Marine Refuge Visitor’s Center.  Saw a picture of a truck stuck and sinking due to the quick tide coming in.  The times we drove on the beach in the back of my mind this picture was going through it. (We don’t have flood insurance LOL)

Roy and I were able to have some red salmon on rice for dinner at Fat Olive in Homer.  On the way home we stopped by Deep Creek one last time to get Roy some coal and me some more eagle pictures.  We caught an eagle bathing then got a closeup of a bald eagle’s head.  I am glad Roy is helping me with focus and choosing pictures.  I’ve taken 1,700 pictures with the canon and a few hundred with the nikon, Roy has seen all of them and has helped me with the keepers.

I will post some of those pictures tomorrow, and explain the coal connection.