So Close

Yes if you are friends with Nevada Nick (Roy) on facebook I am stealing his ideas.  Yesterday was all about up close encounters, including high tide.  High tide meant no beach access but did allow for this… 

Heading home a cow moose crossed right in front of us and went about feeding in a parking lot.  So, like any animal addict we pulled in to watch.  I am learning patience, it is a waiting game, and it is worth it.

Before the moose we headed down to Homer the Spit to be exact.  The mountains were hazy so with no good photo ops we had extra time that’s how Homer happened.  You know when you see something and your mind says that’s fake until it moves, that is what my mind said about this eagle. 

Driving on the causeway there’s this eagle with his wings half spread out almost like a stuffed animal.  Roy does a turn around with the car to put me 10 feet away.  These birds are so grand.

Heading out of Homer after ice cream I wanted to touch the water. We’ve been to Alaska twice and I have not done this.  Well I touched it then before Icould move out of the way it touched back.  I almost fell on my butt (those who know me can picture it clearly) trying to get back.   Silly GIRL.

Tuesday we head to Anchorage for a few days then we start making our way home.