Ever Have This Happen to YOU?

I got yelled at by a chipmunk. OK, I thought it was a baby squirrel.  MY BAD!  In my defense I only saw the tail, it was tiny but squirrel colored.  I said what a cute baby squirrel, it came back to the road and showed me its stripe.  He wouldn’t stop chattering until I said ok cute chipmunk.

Speaking of animals yesterday I saw a bunny and Roy saw nothing.  We did explore the base staying at JBER (Joint Base Elmdorf – Richardson) Army Air Force combined base.  The base is HUGE you can also tell the difference between both sides.  

We stopped by the DFAC (dining facility) and the only thing I could think about when I almost cut across the grass was something Sgt Brown said.  Here’s the back story.  We were in school at Ft Sam and decided to cut through the grass we could have gotten away with it.  Except, my battle yells (HI SGT BROWN) and waves.  You guessed it busted so for the rest of the time allotted for lunch we had to shout every time someone came out of the DFAC keep off the grass.  Needless to say we didn’t get caught again. (You thought I was going to say we didn’t do it again).  Funny what memories come up.  I will let you know I stayed off the grass yesterday.

Today we are meeting some fellow cachers for dinner.