Unexpected Treasures

Who would of thunk a sign on the side of the road could turn into so much fun.   This picture is the end result of Roy stopping to read horse rides no charge.  My thought was it’s probably just for kids or there’s a catch. Neither one was true, just a guy who wants to share his horse.  The only thing is if you want you can give him something for the horse.  I think he enjoyed Roy’s company while I rode Diamond. She was gentle and it was super relaxing, but, today my thighs are sore (too much squeezing).

This trip has been filled with off the beaten track adventures.  After the horse ride we did grill your own steak at The American Legion, that was an interesting twist on dinner.  We then found a secret spot compliments of a good friend to get some eagle pictures on the beach.  This served two purposes Roy got to use 4WD and I was able to get within 50 feet of an eagle.    

We also saw a person collecting fish eggs for the state hatcheries.  Last thing we came upon a pond we’ve visited every night we’ve been here and came upon a moose drinking.  SO COOL!

I’ve learned you never know what treasures you’ll find following a sign!