Last Year BEARS This Year EAGLES

Last year it was all about finding and photographing bears this year it’s all about the eagles.  I feel in love with our national bird last year, it’s been cemented this year.  We have not seen as many but the ones we have seen have been regal.   I call it MINE.  We watched him protect and eat then allow a juvenile eagle steal it from him.  I think it was his kid, saw them together earlier in the day.  That picture was on the beach in Roy’s 4×4.  He got to use it after a year.

These are from Thursday at Deep Creek    The talons on him need a trim.

We have found alot to do.

  • Wednesday – shopping Homer
  • Thursday – drive up gravel road to one of the highest points on the Kenai Freddy’s Roadhouse.  The bartender was younger and very informative.  (side note:he also had MS) Also did some eagling
  • Friday – played tacky tourist and drove out to the Kilcher Homestead from Alaska the Last Frontier.  It wasn’t all about the show but the history of the family.  Also did some more eagling

Saw this on the way into Homer yesterday.   I am not going bear viewing this trip, just didn’t work out. Today is a play by ear day.