We headed down from Hope and got to our campsite on Hidden Lake on Skilak loop road.  As we are pulling in the ranger pulled in behind we started chatting.  I found out that there is a Lynx hanging around because the hare population is strong.  Supposedly there is a black bear running around our lake loop. It’s amazing how many water front campsites we’ve been very lucky. 

Skilak road delivered a momma bear and 3 baby black bears.  Mom looked like she wanted to be brushed, I didn’t offer  though.  We spent an easy five minutes sitting and watching the mama eat along side the three cubs.  At one point she was eight feet away from the car.  Once she crossed in front of the car two of the cubs darted to catch up to her.  There always has to be one though number three just kinda lolly gagged across the road.  I got some good pictures this was probably Roy and mine best bear sighting together.