Gold I Tell YOU

Yesterday we drove to Hope and set up camp at the end of Main St right on the water. After tracking someone down to unlock the electric we headed off to explore.  I walked up to the gift store on Main Street of course it was closed the hours are if I’m here it’s open. (Super small town).

We then drove up to Resurrection Creek USFS recreation area.  Roy looked in the creek to see if there were any salmon swimming, nothing.  We didn’t think there would be because the fishing down by the campsite was not good sowe were told.  On the way up we saw a Ptarmigan medium size  game bird in the Grouse family. She was stopped in the middle of the road and would not moved until all of her chicks crossed the road.

Today I tried my hand at gold panning at Goldrush Peck’s, funny old man he helped me pan and kept correcting my form.  A twenty dollar pail of dirt netted me about four dollars in gold.  The flecks weren’t super large, they weren’t super small either.

I think I have a boat tour for bear viewing on the 19th for bear viewing.  Tomorrow we will start our boondocking can’t wait to explore and share.