I See the Train A-Coming….

 and I hopped on to see some glaciers only seen by train, or plane, or a really LONG hike.  We decided to do the train again this year and wanted to also see more glaciers we combined the two and added a trip through the Whittier Tunnel.  This was the tunnel we drove through last year, driving it was more exciting. On the train you are just going through a tunnel, driving it’s the only time you can drive on the train tracks. Here’s more info on the tunnel http://tunnel.alaska.gov/index.shtml Amazing how lucky I am  so cool to be sitting soaking in the beauty.

If you ever get the chance to do a train trip in Alaska and want to see glaciers this is the train Glacier Discovery https://www.alaskarailroad.com/ride-a-train/our-trains/glacier-discovery  We also was lucky enough to get a glimpse at Trail glacier past our last stop.  There was a bear by the tracks that I didn’t get to see but did see a moose and an eagle.

Today we are headed to Hope and the Kenai Peninsula for a couple of weeks looking forward to boondocking and BEARS.