Catching Up

Today was very wet we floated into Sheep Mountain Lodge in Glacier View Alaska.  It’s a cold rain, hopefully it won’t turn into snow.  Last night we did the long run from Haines Alaska to Tok Alaska, over 400 miles in one stretch not bad.  I think I am over the bug that I’ve been fighting since Haines but I might have passed it to Roy.

We stayed at the Sourdough Campground and even though I was tired I went to the pancake toss trying to win a free breakfast for me.  You had to toss a pancake so it lands in the ‘BUCKIT’ you get two tries and the first one does not count.  The game was fun and by the time it was all over I felt not as tired.  If you are ever near Tok Alaska plan a stay there.   I feel like I’m a writing plug machine with these websites, but if I don’t link them now I forget when I get home.

Our animal sightings have been down the last few days because of construction I think.  On our way to Tok we saw a cute big brown bear just chomping on flowers.  He sure looked like you could run up and hug him, love those ears and that nose.  It took over a month but we finally saw our first moose, no pictures though.  Coming round a corner we see this younger bull moose crossing the road, didn’t get the camera out in time.  After having my camera on my lap most of the morning heading to Glacier View (Sheep Mountain Lodge) we saw nothing a mile after I put it down we see a mama with her two cubs scurry into the woods.

Today July 9th we are headed to Portage Alaska near Anchorage.  Shopping, train, shower before our boondocking on the Kenai begins.