Glad I Went Shopping.

Not because I found something cool but, we avoid an accident.  I wanted to head right out to the campsite after lunch which would have put us in the mix of the accident.  Roy won out and we went shopping which put us at the scene later.  This is the second major accident I’ve seen this trip.  The first one a camper went off the road over the side, this one involved multiple cars and a boat trailer.

It wakes you up when you see stuff like that as bad as the second accident was there is only one in critical.  It took us an hour and a half to go 15 miles.  This happened right at a spot where you could pull off the road and get spring water.  This is alsoo the only road that connects the Kenai to Anchorage.

On a brighter note we are heading out on another train adventure today.  The trip is on the Glacier Discovery train so you get to travel to a glacier that can only be reached by train.  I think I have a ice fetish this trip.  Last year was all about bears, This year all about snow and ice.