44 Eagles in One Spot

AMAZING!  After clearing up some miscues on the part of the tour company I was able to get my Eagle Preserve Raft Trip from Chilkat Guides.  I had booked the trip through our RV place and even stayed over an extra day, pick up time came no pick up.  The office called them and was told there was nothing well after some talking back and forth they were able to get a trip together just for me.  I would highly recommend these guys to anyone travelling near Haines or Skagway Alaska. http://chilkatguides.com/adventures/chilkat-bald-eagle-preserve-float/

 My guide Patrick pulling me out on the river.  Patrick was an actual native of Haines and for all my Goldrush fans he grew up with Parker, you know we talked about him a little.  It’s amazing how down to earth small town people are very refreshing.
Now for the eagles,  we started at 26 mile (Haines Hwy) on the Suku river then eventually joined the Chilkat river took this down to 14 mile (Haines Hwy).  I of course asked how he knew where he was on the river.  Pat said he knows the river like the back of his hand.  The river itself is only 24 inches at it’s deepest so my lack of swimming skills were not a problem, and the raft was float worthy.

The weather was cooperating also, because it was the first real clear day. I was able to see the glacier and mountain across the fjord.   We also saw 32 eagles on the main part of the trip and the remaining 12 in the scenery part of the trip.  We got within 8 feet of one before he took flight saw 4 eagles on a log, some juvenile eagles, some just taking flight, and others just hanging out.   I think this could be labeled look at those silly hoomanz looking at us.   

I would come back to Haines just for this.