Snow For Reals

I know most of the people reading this are melting, I’m sorry.  I had to put on my winter hat and jacket to stand in the snow twice today.  Drove up to Lake Louise and saw the amazing teal of the water.  Chilly with snow showers but the view was worth it.

We also decided to drive part way up the icefields parkway, because tomorrow we will have the trailer.  On the drive we saw four bears on the way up a grizzly a brown the way back a black and another grizzly.  I think it was the same grizzly because he was about in the same area.  We have pictures of both just have to compare them.

The amazing thing about the snow at the bow summit was the flakes were big.  

As you can see from the yellow circles.  I did enjoy it.

Tonight we went to The Station Restaurant for a good meal Roy had veal and I had a seafood pasta.  The restaurant was in the original depot.  There was even a fireplace with a log fire going.

Tomorrow headed up to Jasper for 3 nights.  We have a cruise on a lake and a journey on the glacier.  We are also without electric for those days so I see propane heat in the near future.