A Bear

 This little guy was getting ready to cross the road right in front of us.  I was able to pass the camera to Roy and he got this picture from his side.    

 This was are very first full sighting of a brown bear we on this trip.  We weŕe on the Bow Valley Parkway which runs along Hwy 1. 

 Once we got to Lake Louise we missed the turn for the campground and got committed to heading up the mountain.  Interesting curvy road with no turn arounds, we went up to the top which is a big parking lot was able to curve back around to head back down.  I truly think Roy is taking me on all these curves to prepare me for the 18% grade into Bella Coola BC. I do not like winding mountain roads.  I was impressed the trailer handled well.

I did go shopping the whole 6 stores.  After that we drove up to the ski lift area for the view and hopes of animals.  We then decided to drive to Lake Moraine  https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Moraine_Lake    It had started to rain but I still got out to take pictures.  Oh there was also real snow still on the side of the road.

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