Road Closed

every place Roy takes me to we can’t get through because of SNOW!  Today was no different, Glacier National Park Road to the Sun.

 We drove to the Avalanche Campground, I was amazed at the amount of people in the park.  We got away from the crowds by going down a dirt road at the head of McDonald Lake.  Here’s a picture of some rapids from the one lane bridge on that road.

 This is the view of the lake from the dirt road.

The water falls were full and it was a nice cool day.  On tne way home I had to stop at a few gift stores, SHOPPING!  I got a few t-shirts, stopped at a roadside stand bought some cherry jelly.  I saw a wolf and bear rug with my own eyes.  I now know they do exist. 

Tomorrow is a cleaning day and Roy gets a Wallyworld day, then onto Canada.

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