Happy Valentine’s Day

25 years ago today, I got roses from my soul mate.  I did not know he was until about a year later.  He was so funny he didn’t realize the day he sent me roses was Feb 14.

I was at work and saw the flower delivery guy come in and thought wow that’s nice someone is loved.  Then they said it was for me, I thought great the jerk I broke up with is trying to get me back.  I  had met a cool guy and did not want the other one.  Well Roy sent me roses, that was then when I fell.  

The next year Feb 14 rolled around and I got nothing.  I said nothing and was kinda grumpy all day.  He asks what’s up I said it’s Valentine’s Day last year you sent me roses.  His response was I did it just because, not because of the day.  That made those rises more special.

Fast forward to today, we are camping and he got me a t-shirt that says I love you to the moon and back.  I love him sooooooooo much

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