Monday Monday

We were going to head out to the event in Mexico this morning. Soometimes you just have to take a break.  I guess I’m not as hardcore as I thought anymore, LOL. This was the 5th year for the actual Yuma mega.

The event yesterday was cold and windy so we did cut out early.  We got there early to scoop up our spot.  Someone had pulled a picnic table over which was nice.  Once we dropped the stuff I left Roy to go shopping Geoswag was there, I told myself I was getting no new coins, (well I bet you would never guess)  I only bought a few coins had to get the yearly bench mark coin and a few others.  I did do a photo bomb on Signal, so here it is.

Through out the day, Tundra Tim, Klondike Kate, Boxerboy, Bugzapper, Shiprex, 2Cottens, Fulltime Rvers, Sweetmarie, Roxiemama (who’s been renamed to Foxiemama because I have blonde roots), Me and Marley, Be o be, Travelling Holts.  If I forgot anyone my bad.

Last night we did the Golden Corral with Rex, Kevin, and Randy, stayed so long another group of cachers came rolling in and joined us.  

I will post