I Would have Forgot my Hubby

if he wasn’t the one driving!  It’s ok, when you travel you should support the local Wally world.😄  My story.  We are in Yuma for the mega geocaching event, then on to Dead Horse state park for an a-liner gathering.  I sat outside the camper this morning thinking about writing this and I hear an excited female voice say “Look, honey it’s another a-frame.”  So we of course strike up a conversation, come to find out they are also geocachers very small world.  I invited them to come to the a-frame gettogether but they can’t. I tried!

I ussually have a check list and am organized well not this trip.  I had piles set out to pack and a routine something did not click.  I left my travel coffee mug, and some how I think my deorderant didn’t make the trip (don’t tell Roy I used his), I think I also did not bring the password cheat sheet.  There is a trip to Wally in the near future.

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