Who Would of THUNK

2016 would have been filled with adventure hurt joy and realization.

The adventure was of course 80 days in a camper with hubby.   We survived and both took off some weight, you can never grasp the wonder and amazement of nature from a picture.  The fact that I walked 3/4s of a mile to get this picture   is proof.

This wasn’t the first or last bear on the trip, he was the one I most wanted to cuddle with.  Alaska was amazing and yes I am still working on the video I’m up to day 71.  Seeing Mount McKinley (Denali) was impressive, Roy and I are now in the 30% club.  The mountain will always be McKinley to me.  The mountain creates its own weather and is almost always covered in clouds.  I witnessed it go from clear to cloudy in 5 minutes. Here is my favorite picture of the mountain

It’s in the clouds but still cool.  I hop out of order on this but when we were on Kodiak I did not get a picture of two bald eagles with their talons locked in a downward spiral, seeing it in person was breath taking.

The hurt was having someone you were giving an opportunity to, reject it.  This just showed me that you can lead a horse to water but you can’t make them drink.  It didn’t deter me from helping someone else in the future.  The joy came this year from being able to spend time with hubby, because of the help we received from others to make this happen.  Thanks to Mike, Karen, Peter, Wendy, Bob, Toni, Tim and Kate.  I was also filled with joy because I was sharing my adventures with so many, thanks for reading.

The realizations I’ve come to this year are interesting and are mainly health related.

  • I have MS (multiple sclerosis) (I knew this of course, diagnosed July of 2008).  This is an evil disease, but I will not let it hinder me.
  • This disease I have can rear it’s ugly head and make you deal with limitations, I am watching a friend go through some hard times and know this could happen to me.

    Thanks again for reading my blog and sharing 2016 with Roy (nevadanick) and I.

    May the best of your todays, be the worst of your tomorrows!

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      1. I am still putting together the campgrounds list and interesting things like the major roads in Fairbanks form a sleigh on the map


      1. Putting together the video Roy goes your putting that in.(it was one of our goofy discussions). I said yup he said I think they want pictures only. What say you?


    1. I love that bear picture and we did enjoy following your adventures. Thought you might enjoy this picture taken this week in a local park. The salmon run is in the stream below. I can’t remember if you saw many eagles on your trip. It’s how we decorate our trees up here. Happy New Year to you and Roy from us in Victoria (occasional Coachella catchers). Cheers! Sunseekca.

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      1. Can you post the picture to my facebook it isn’t showing up or I am starting the New Year extremely blonde.


    2. Thank you for continuing to include me with your blogs.

      I am still trying to find time for an actual visit! Not forgotten.

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