Day 73 Found IT Logged IT

Today was fun!  The first thing I realized is I’m a small town girl. The second thing is I’m glad I don’t drive.  We are staying on an island so we got up and did camp/self keeping and cleaning then headed for Groundspeak.  The drive to get to the ferry takes about an hour, the ferry ride takes about twenty minutes.  I have been on three different types of ferries this trip.  The only thing I could think of was the Grey’s Anatomy episode where they had a ferry accident.  Funny how the mind works.  The round trip wasn’t bad for an old fart and a gimp plus car for $21.50.

Once off the ferry we headed towards Seattle, even though I forgot the GPS in the trailer we found our way to HQ.  The streets are narrow and steep in Seattle.  We were greeted by a lackey (worker).  There was ten people there for the tour, we started out with a slide show and then we were able to find the amazingly large cache, look for trackables.  Here is a trackable with a sense of humor.  I grabbed a few TBs to travel in the valley.

  I also added to my coin collection.  I know you are all shocked.

After the tour I wanted to see the space needle. Smaller then I expected.  They make it look so big on TV, I snapped a picture tell me what you think.  We headed down to the water front to see if there was a place to eat for dinner before catching the ferry back.  Dinner was king crab for Roy, I had calamari and chips.  Thursday we are coming back to see Pike’s Place Market and go shopping.