Day 74 Exploring Seattle

Ok I’m a dork.  I love Grey’s Anatomy A hospital drama set in Seattle. I wanted to see where it waa filmed.  IT IS NOT filmed in Seattle.  I was bummed.  Roy and I took the ferry over to Seattle to do some sight seeing and shopping.  The cool thing about having handicapped plates is at least in Seattle you don’t have to pay for parking.

Roy took me to Jack in the Box for early lunch, one of the few fast food done on the trip.  We then headed down to the waterfront for shopping.  Parking was still full so Roy dropped me off and I shopped and walked to where he was parked.  Note to self never buy from first shop you come too.

I got taken for a fool.  Remember I said I love Grey’s; before the current name of the hospital “Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital” it was called “Seattle Grace”.  I found a t-shirt with Seattle Grace intern so I bought it.  I was a little bummed because it didn’t have the new name.  Next gift shop I go in not only did they have t-shirts with the new hospital name they had scrubs.

Seattle lived up to it’s reputation for rain, it did on and off the whole time.  We decided to beat the traffic and go it at Ivars Seafood down by the ferry.  It was good I had surf n turf with shrimp.  Roy had, WAIT FOR IT King Crab.

Friday we are headed to Camp Rilea in Seaside.