Day 72 Cache Creek to Seattle

The scenery on this leg was amazing.  We went through 8 tunnels, climbed out of a few canyons.  The Hell’s Gate Airtram was closed because it had some power issues otherwise sounds like it would have been cool.

The Fraser river runs through Fraser canyon and it is amazing how the force of water craved the rock.  Interesting read

Once we got onto Canada 1 the Trans Canada Hwy I knew we were back in civilization, oh well.

Crossing the border was less painful this time. I did not get a welcome to the US picture because it was on a flashing sign at the crossing.  I did not want to take a chance on taking a photo.

Our campsite is on the water again.  Thanks Ammo Chief (Ken) for the lead.  Whidbey Island Navel Base.

Traffic is crazy once you get to rhe big city.  Wednesday we are headed to Groundspeak Geocaching head quarters.