Day 71 Prince George to Cache Creek

I can tell you as a matter of fact Quesnel does have the largest gold pan, I’ve seen.  The drive was sorta uneventful it was the town and the campsite that was interesting.  The campsite was called Brookside.

I ran into Kabuki, he was trying to be a brown alpaca.  Our site was shaded and level so we didn’t have to disconnect which is always good.  The one time we get to a place with a pool that’s warm enough, I’m to tired to use it lol.  So  other then my mishap at the hotsprings I have not used my swimsuit.

I was able to do dishes on the way over to do them I ran into some Canadians.  When they found out I was American they brought up our election.  They thanked me for being from a country whose politics are so entertaining.  I am glad I’ve missed some of it. In Canada they vote for the party not the person.  We all came to the conclusion the US way is better.

This is our last night in Canada.  Tomorrow US here we come