Day 70 Khan to Prince George

This was the first day of our long drives.  This is what happens when you have to head home. The time has flown by.  We did see one very large doe.  It was the size of a horse.  She was standing very proud and strong at the side of the road,as we drove by she headed back into the woods.

The roads on the way to Prince George were not to bad. Made for fast travel, I think or I just thought it went fast because I couldn’t stay awake.  We did not get a super early start, so I thought it might be food related we stopped in Houston BC for lunch.

I am amazed when companies decide to give back to the community.  We ate at A&W  the first thing I see is 1 in 350 people are living with MS.  Canada also has the highest occurance of MS.  I did not know that.  So I took pictures of the posters, I also purchased a star for a toonie ($2).  I guess A&W does this every August.  I do not know if this is done in the states or not.  Tomorrow it is onto Cache Creek.

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