Day 69 Meziaden to Khan

We saw a fox crossing the road.  Four legged of course!  Headed down the Cassiar Hwy this was the only wildlife we saw. A couple of the locals at Khan also said they thought it was strange the lack of wildlife.  This is all good, because, it means a trip back.

Tonight I met a family who was headed to Fort Wainwright in Fairbanks to finish up his 20.  His wife was prior Army and crossed trained as a 91Bravo.  This was the old designation for 68Bravo OR Tech which was my MOS.  For my battles good news Fort Sam was the same back then with the same smoke shack.  It was fun swapping memories.

Earlier in the day I walked over (hobbled) to the museum next to the campground.  This culture is known for their use of totems very interesting.

Tomorrow we are headed to Prince George then Cache Creek and out of Canada.