Day 66 Watson Lake to Iskut

I think I need a biscuit in Iskut, cause there ain’t no restaurant.  We got a fairly early start today.  Amazing rolling hills, a forest fire and no animals, not even a magpie.  We left the AlCan this morning to head down the Cassiar Hwy.  The first thing we notice is a sign that warns of a severe wildfire prepare to stop.  We got lucky not so much for the forest we drove through. There was burnt areas from recent fires and you couldn’t see the flames or smoke but you could smell where it recently burned.  It seems this area burns often.  I also learned at one time off the highway there was an abestos mine, this mine is where alot of the world’s supply  came from.  For some reason I thought abestos was man made, maybe because it was so damaging.

A little farther down the road we went to Jade City.  This store is featured on a Canadian reality show soon to be on Discovery in the US.  They mine the jade at two claims along with other minerals.  It was funny I overheard one of the guys from the show saying they want us to make it harder then it is for TV.  Although they did just get electricty in November, before that they ran on generators.  That would be hard in itself because of the saws rhey have to use to cut the rocks.  It was well worth the stop.

We ate lunch at Dease Lake one stop also got gas.  We kept playing tag with an RV that was camped next to us last night.  In fact they were checking in right in front of us.  The road down to Iskut was devoid of people influence so it was nice to see no billboards just nature.

Tomorrow we are head to Meziadin campground for two nights, this is jumping off point for Stewart and Hyder.  See how many times we can cross the border.

I have no phone service probably for another 3 days.