Day 65 Whitehorse to Watson Lake

Roy said we should always get a front row space in the RV parks.  I aaked WHY?  Because we are handi-camped.  I will rent him out cheap.  We have driven this road before on the way up but did it in two stops.

Today instead of stopping at Johnson Crossing for the night we did lunch there.  It didn’t have that Stephan King feel this time.  Last time was just creepy and we spent the night.  We also crossed the Continental Divide again in the same spot, going home this time.  July 3rd we crossed on our way up, seems like yesterday.  Today we ran into a guy at the pull off for the divide who had biked all over Alaska and now up over the divide.  He has more balls then me.

No animals today, I hope they are saving themselves for Hyder/Stewart down the Cassiar Hwy.  There is a bear viewing area.  Tonight we are staying at a place with no internet or cell  service so Roy is in bed at 11:30.  Tomorrow we are headed to Iskut.