Day 64 Carmacks to Whitehorse

We have come full circle on this part of the trip, we are at Takhini Hotsprings.  July 5th at the start of the trip today August 22 near the end.  So far we have travelled  over 7500 miles.  On the way down the 2 today we saw the biggest bird ever.  I haven’t been able to look at the pictures I took on the computer.  I think it was a golden eagle.  We had pulled over so I could take pictures of the fall colors on the aspen trees.  I wasn’t sure what I was looking at because palm trees don’t do that.

It was cool the bird flew in landed on the road looked at us took off then flew across the road.  I zoomed in and got his picture.  He took off flying and I hope I got him in flight.

Once we got to the campground we headed to eat.  I hate to break the news to everyone but, Santa will have trouble navigating through fog or snow this year.  Roy and I ate rudolph for lunch.  Klondike Ribs Salmon & BBQ even called it rudolph, reindèer, carmelized onions, smoked cheese curds, a deep fried pickle, and sriracha mayo (not super hot) on a pretzel bun.  It was very good meat. I would do it again.

Tomorrow we are heading south towards Watson Lake.