Day 63 Dawson to Carmacks

We took our time getting out of Dawson today because we originally were going for a short distance to Pelly Crossing YT.  This would have been the roughing it night in Canada.  If you haven’t noticed we are not big on roughing it.  We enjoy our morning Keurig coffee maker.

Before leaving Dawson we stopped to have brunch at Klondike Kate’s, rumor has it that the business is for sale.  It seems most of Dawson is for sale.  We are trying to get stamps in a tourist book to enter to win two troy ounces of gold.  The goal is to visit local museums and visitor centers in the Yukon. You need to visit 20 of the 34 sites we are close.

Roy got to drive the Dempster! I wanted a picture of the sign so Roy turned down and yes it was gravel from the start.  For those of you who know  Roy he liked “Ice Road Truckers” season one.  The Dempster was the first road featured. for more info.

The Yukon 2, the road to Whitehorse was full of potholes. Roy started a new road reality game combat driving. The goal here is to avoid the potholes. I should have taken a picture when we got to Carmacks the inside of the trailer looked like the Tazmanian Devil passed through. I was amazed.

I have enjoyed our trip and sharing the funny things with everyone. Tomorrow Monday Whitehorse YT.