Day 61 Chicken to Dawson VIA TOW

OMG Top Of Ths World Highway lives upto its name.  I had fun watching Roy enjoy himself.  The US side of the road was rough and rutted.  TOW is a road that conects Chicken Alaska to Dawson Yukon.  This gives a brief description of the road.  The drive was challenging in a good way.

When we got to the border crossing there was no agent in the window, the sign says to wait here until custom agent appears.  There was already a motorcycle waiting, we stayed in the car for a few minutes, then Roy decided to get out.  He went up to talk to the guy on the motorcycle. The custom agent came out and ordered Roy back in his car.  My thought was this is not going to end well and I don’t have cell service to call someone to bail us out. Roy gets in the car and pulls upto where she was standing. This was not good enough she had him pull up so he was parallel to the sign.  Roy turned down the radio and she said you must turn it off.  She gave Roy a lecture about needing to stay in his car the sign stated that. She stressed the fact that the guy on the motorcycle was now contanminated.  I guess Roy gave him American cooties. LOL. He handed her the passports, she began asking Roy questions where was he from we both said Palm Desert CA.  Next was the purpose for coming to Canada he said we are headed home.  How did you enter Alaska Roy said Beaver Creek she looked at him like he had 3 heads. I chimed in Tok because that was the port of entry.  She then wanted to know exactly how long we would be in Canada, again with the purpose.  

At this point I pull out our campground list and keep mymouth shut.  She was ignoring me anyway, I was just shaking my head no to all her questions and trying not to laugh.  She got stern with Roy and repeatedly asked if he had any guns, shotguns, handguns, longguns, or ammunition.  Then she started wirh if I were to search your vechicle and camper I won’t find anything I mentioned.  Roy answered you won’t. She then took our passports and went into the building took her ten minutes to come out.  When she returned handed our passports and said you can leave.

This part of the adventure stands alone I will write another post about the ferry we took today.