Day 61 -The Rest of the Story

So after Roy got done being interogated, such a SHADY charactor.  I don’t think he is.  I wanted a picture of the Welcome to the Yukon sign, I did get it.  We decided a slow drive by for the picture was a better idea then stopping.  The sign was basically right outside of custom range.  We thought a stop would definately draw her wrath.

Onto Dawson!  The Canada side of TOW was much better, because even though there were spors of gravel it was basically all paved.  In fact in some places Roy was doing 80.  No, not mph but kpm kilometers, had you going.  It was amazing travelling on the ridge of a mountain, I thought the only way I would experience this is by hiking.

Jump ahead 2 hours and we come to the campground that had the paddlewheel grave yard we drove through it but did not take the trail to see it rain.  The next part of the adventure came in crossing the fast moving Yukon without a bridge.

We did this via the free ferry, I will post a short video on facebook.  Roy thought he would bottom out getting on he didn’t.  The good thing was it hadn’t rained that hard yet.

Dawson is not what we expected more tomorrow after the outhouse races on Saturday.