Day 60 Gold I Say GOLD

Ok, a few flakes but we chewed up a whole afternoon.  It was good to stay in one place today.  Chicken, I served Roy breakfast in bed that I bought from the cafe.  I also went shopping at the store which is the same as the cafe and camp ground.

We talked to someone who has been coming on her vacations for the last 10 years she has some gold but not enough for a ring. We decided to go eat lunch, then go pan.  I made a sandwich because dinner was going to be salmon and black olives on pizza.

Gold panning is a lot of work.  You first have to load you pan, then rinse the pan and get all the large rocks off.  This was hard but we did have fun and even got a few flakes to show off.

Today was fun and ended peefectly with a campfire and smores. Tomorrow Dawson