Day 59 Fairbanks to Chicken

Yes it’s true we had to come to Chicken to see if the chicken crossed the road.  He hasn’t.  I do have proof. The drive up took us about 7 hours because we stopped in Delta Junction for lunch.

Roy was whining to our ranger moose after he set him up straight, he wanted to see more animals.  Well ask and you shall receive.  He saw one and passed it so he tried to back up to get close to the moose.  He got close enough to see it was mama moose and baby moose.  Mama was alert enough to put her long neck and head up to look around and know something was up.  Roy opened his car door and she was gone, baby was not far behind.

The road was in interesting condition with alot of ups and downs, these tickled Roy’s fancy.  I on the other hand get nervous when it says 9% grade ahead.  I shouldn’t cause Roy is an awesome driver.  I do because I actually like seeing there is a road ahead of me.  It is just sometimes you can’t.

We hit construction right before Chicken it looks like this part of the road will be getting “pavement” or something looking like it.  That part of progress is sad.  I know when Roy saw pavement ends his eyes did twinkle.

Pulling into Chicken we decided to stay an extra day here because we arrived so late about 6:30pm.  The one sidewalk rolls up about 8pm.  Tomorrow we will be gold panning. $10 for 4 hours I’m excited.