Day 50 Talkeetna to Denalli

I actually saw a moose.  We were heading down the George Parks Highway and low and behold there was this young male moose just eating.  The cool thing is he still had part of his velvet.  I was able to get a picture of Roy taking a picture of the moose. I would say the moose was maybe 4 yearsold

We made it to the park and checked in for all of the nights, we are in for.  Found a site right away, if you ever book go with the larger sites on A loop.  I checked out the gift shops and struck out.  I did buy a t-shirt from the camp store.

This is the first of six nights boondocking, this should be fun.  It’s funny camp Riley has no electric but it does have wi-fi by the store.  Speaking of wif-fi I will have no phone or internet service for the next several days.

After we got our site drove as far as we could drive because most of Denalli is only available via bus which is cool. We did see some caribou in the valley tonight.  I can’t wait to see more.  I will post my next blogs in a group when we get back to civilization.