Day 49 On the Train

Well people who know me know I HATE HEIGHTS!!!  I will explain, but first.   Roy loves trains and I like them, so we took a train that went to Hurricane Gulch and back, it is the only train you can stop by raising a white flag.  This is called a flag stop train.  We did not pick many people up on the way out, on the way back it seemed like we stopped every 10 minutes.  The interesting part was watching the people who flagged down the train, everything from mountain men to weekend fishermen.  Even a dog got on though it had to be muzzled.

Now back to my heights fear, the train goes up to Hurricane Gulch, I’m thinking should be a nice town.  Right?  Wrong, it’s a bridge over a gulch.  All they said was 300 foot straight DOWN!  I did ok did not fall out but wished they would hurry up and change conductors, because we are in the middle of a bridge.  

Then we get back to the trailer to find what we thought was condensation turned out to be a leak.  Oh well that’s what towels are for.  I hope we have dry weather soon to figure it out.  Monday onto Denalli.  I can’t wait.